Meet Syvoskia

Pastor, Business & Credit Coach Strategist, Author



Syvoskia is the owner of Exousia Financial Solutions, LLC. She offers credit coaching solutions to help achieve an all inclusive financial wellness protection plan of services. Some of those services includes: credit restoration, credit builder, credit monitoring, debt payoff and more.


She  provides consulting services for small businesses.  She has been successful in the small business community working with large populations of individuals and families to  help them take their dream of business ownership to reality. She also is a loan packaging specialist for access to capital lending for funding small business loans.


She also the founder/Pastor of New Century Fellowship Christian church. When you discover that God has ordained you for a purpose driven life and it is only then you become to acknowledge his perfect plan for you.

She helps empower, equip women in personal spiritual development. She is a spiritual birthing mother, and provides mentorship through leadership and coaching.

She inspires women through her online WDW Women Defining Wealth group on the matters of credit & wealth.


Come and let us journey together. Let me share some wisdom and insight on my life that will help you become the God fearing woman he called you to be. 

Let me help you become the most successful you.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Pastor Syvoskia