• Syvoskia Bray Pope

Manifest Abundance in Your Life

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

AUGUST - The New Common Denominator of SUCCESS by Albert E.N.Gray

"So it's more simple than you think. -the secret of success of every person lies in the fact that he or she formed a habit of doing things that failures don't like to do. You can kick it around until its worn out, but it will always be the common denominator."

Define Abundance- "A very large quantity of something" so we know we more of that something... How do we manifest it?

#1 - Begin your day with thanks - Gratitude

#2 - Re-imagine yourself

#3 - Empower your mindset

#4- No more excuses

#5 - Attract more of what you want

#6 - Make a commitment

#7 - Realize your potential

#8 - End your day with thanks - Gratitude

So today you have a choice. Will you sit at the top of the hill merely contemplating you capabilities? or will you give yourself a shove and start knocking down obstacles standing in your way.

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